Our History



     The Mt. Zion Baptist Church was organized in June of 1884 by the late Rev. Griffin who pastored for several years. His leadership gave a few faithful members the courage and fortitude to endure the work of the church.
     Following the pastoral term of Rev. Griffin, Rev. Judison White became our Pastor. For two years the church experienced steady growth under Rev. White. Rev. G.W. Smith succeeded Rev. White and pastored the church for another two years. Confronted with problems, disappointment, and discouragement the church struggled until Rev. J. H. Ivory was called as Pastor. He also resigned after two years.
     Rev. J. W. Carter became pastor of Mt. Zion in 1908 with less than twenty-five members. Under his leadership three different buildings were constructed and paid for; two frame structures and one brick structure. At one time the brick structure had an estimated value of $150,000. Under the guidance of Rev. Carter, Mt Zion became an outstanding church in all phases of Baptist work and was well-known in the District, State, and Nation. Rev. Carter served longer than any pastor in the history of Mt. Zion. He served thirty-eight years and was retired on a small salary when his health began to fail. More than anyone else, this man contributed to the slogan, “85 years of Continued Progress.”
     Rev. J. C. Huey from Texarkana, Texas became pastor of Mt. Zion shortly after Rev. Carter died. After seven years, Rev. Huey resigned to accept a call to Goodwill Baptist Church.
     Rev. R. H. Howard pastored for two years after Rev. Huey. Under his direction the interior of the church was redecorated.
     Rev. S. J. Vincent from St. Louis, Missouri was called to Mt. Zion but only served a short time.
     Rev. S. H. Mitchell came at a very delicate period. The congregation had been in serious discord for a while. Rev. Mitchell served as pastor for two years but was dismissed after a fire destroyed the three storied brick building in 1957. The membership of 300 was cut in half as the congregation decided to go in different directions.
     Brother Marshall Royal and the Deacons of Mt. Zion secured the Colored Community Center on Armstrong Ave., as a temporary place of worship. CCC was the meeting place for the congregation for almost three years. Rev. P. B. Hillary served as supply pastor until Rev. Marshall E. Hodge from Fort Worth, TX accepted the challenge. The church took on new life and began to grow rapidly. Even though Rev. Hodge’s stay was short, under his leadership the members once again built a new church on the old site at 530 W. Walker.  Rev. Rhett James delivered the dedication sermon in May of 1960.
     In 1963, Moderator McKnight recommended Rev. Z. R. Figures to the members of Mt. Zion. Knowing that the church was spiritually impoverished and financially drained, Rev. Figures accepted a salary of $10.00 a Sunday. Influenced by years of dedication to the Lord, Rev. Figure’s guidance revitalized Mt. Zion’s loving fellowship spirit and charity.  Moderator A. McKnight sent several ministers to preach on Sunday mornings when Rev. Figures became too ill to deliver his sermons.
     On February 16, 1969 Rev. H.L. Alexander, Sr. of Dallas, TX accepted the call to preach at Mt. Zion. Under his skillful leadership the church purchased fifty new chairs for the Sunday School Department, bought a new public address and intercom system, and raised money to not only erase church debts but also enough to burn the church note. Rev. Alexander ministered at Mt. Zion until he was called home to rest several years later.
     Rev. Sammy Walker was called to pastor in January of 1976. Under his leadership the church was unable to progress. After a short period of time the members of Mt. Zion dismissed Rev. Walker as pastor.
     Rev. Manuel Gardner was called to pastor at Mt. Zion on August 8, 1977 and officially took over the position a week later. Rev. Gardner was dedicated to the community’s sick and shut-in. Many improvements were made during his short tenure at Mt. Zion. He resigned to accept a call to minister in Greenville, TX.
     Rev. C. R. McDuffy became pastor in November of 1980 and led the church for almost ten years until his resignation. The church prospered financially and many improvements were made.
     In 1990, a young and energetic Rev. W. L. Venters became Mt. Zion’s Pastor. The congregation grew under his leadership but in later years diminished in size and became financially stressed. Rev. Venters submitted his resignation on March 30, 1997.
     Mt. Zion, without a leader, came together and formed a pulpit committee and prayed to God for a dedicated Leader.
     God saw fit to send Rev. K. W. King from Dallas, TX. Rev. King accepted the call in August of 1997. Under the leadership of Rev. King there was an overwhelming positive financial change as well as an increase in the attendance of the youth of the community. Rev.King introduced Mt. Zion to the world via the internet with their own website. Through his experienced leadership and guidance Mt. Zion Baptist Church has attained great dedication and spirit which leads us to his Motto, “We Can Begin Again”.  Rev. King resigned on May 26, 2013 to pastor Mt Carmel Missionary Baptist Church in Dallas, TX.
     On September 11th, 2013, our Associate Pastor, Rev. Alonzo McLean accepted the position of Pastor of Mt Zion and was installed on November 03, 2013. On April 27, 2017 Rev. McLean resigned his position as pastor of Mt. Zion.

We were delighted to announce that, after a long search, God answered our prayers for a new pastor. On Monday, August 28, 2017, Rev. James R. A. Wilson and his wife, Minister Camille Phelps-Wilson accepted the challenge to be the new pastor and first lady of Mt. Zion Baptist Church.



  July 2020  
This Week's Events


Sunday School at 9:45 a.m.
Superintendent Benny Jenkins
Teacher Minister Camille Wilson
Morning Worship at 11:00 a.m.
Rev. James Wilson, Pastor


Bible Study at 5:30 p.m.
Lessons taught by Rev. J. Wilson from the bible


Choir Rehearsal at 11:00 a.m.
Sis Arnella Rhodes, Pianist
Women's Mission at 10 a.m.
Minister Camille Wilson, Teacher
Bible Search