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comment posted by savonte on 05-03-2018
savonte robinson demrott arkansas
comment posted by Rev. Corey Battle on 08-21-2017
Praise God first of all I would like to Thank God for the previlage to Preach at Mt Zion Baptist Church on this past Sunday August 20, 2017. Thanks to the great members of Mt. Zion Baptist Church for your love shown and hospitality. I'm praying for y'all and with y'all. Just remember when your going through your hard times trials, tribulations, and to sum it all up YOUR STORMS of LIFE just remember "A WORD IN YOUR STORMS". Be blessed and if I can be a help to the body of Christ Mt Zion don't hesitate I'm just a phone call away. May God continue to smile on Mt. Zion. Be Blessed
comment posted by Dr. Tony L. Murphy on 08-27-2016
Blessings to pastor and church!
comment posted by Sis Evelyn Woods on 10-05-2014
We want to thank Sis Mary Williams for joining our flock of believers here at Mt. Zion.We thank God
comment posted by Sis Evelyn Woods on 11-18-2013
We are very pleased for our wonderful 129th Church Anniversary on Sunday November 17th 2013,we had a very pleasing time in the lord and thanks to the Rev. Tyson for bringing the word.
comment posted by Sis Evelyn Woods on 10-08-2013
Mt. Zion Baptist Church would like to welcome Sis Gloria Thorne and Her friend to our Blessed New Members where our Beloved Pastor Alonzo Mclean is more than able to teach and preach the word of God.
comment posted by Sis Evelyn Woods on 08-24-2013
Wishes of a speedy recovery goes out to Sis Eloise Smith, Get well soon
comment posted by Sis Evelyn Woods on 07-11-2013
Wishing a speedy recovery for Pastor King. We love you and miss you,
comment posted by Sis Evelyn Woods on 05-28-2013
While I am very happy for Pastor King He has been a great Pastor and a mighty good teacher to all of us at Mt. Zion we hate to see him go peace be with you always.
comment posted by Joyce Beamon on 05-18-2013
Sending much Love to the Mt Zion Church Family. And to the Shepherd; Pastor King and First Lady; may God continue to Bless you both for the wonderful work that you do.
comment posted by Sis Evelyn Woods on 05-06-2013
I want to thank God for a Praising good time we spent with Pleasant Hill Baptist Church on 5/5/13 on our Family And Friends Day Cellabration.If you were not there you missed a GREAT BLESSING.
comment posted by Nicholas Nganga on 02-03-2013
Please pray to our Heavenly Father for my following needs: 1)That God will provide for the financial,physical,technical and human resources needed to build an international standard guest house and camping resort. 2)That the Lord will give me a breakthrough in my Voluntary Service in Kenya programme to get volunteers,interns,missionaries and visitors from overseas. 3)That God will bless us to always have at least five(5) visitors from overseas at any particular time. 4)That God will supply me with the finances to buy a small bus to carry my visitors. 5)That the LORD will give me the ability to transform Education Supplements International into one of the major volunteer placement organizations in Kenya. 6)That our tours and travel business will prosper profitably. God bless you! Yours in Christ, Nicholas Ng'ang'a Executive Director Education Supplements International P.O Box 3305 Nakuru Kenya Email:edsupintl@yahoo.com
comment posted by Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church - Dallas on 12-09-2012
Congratulations to Pastor & Sis. King on their 15 years of committed service. May the Lord continue to bless the ministry the give to the Mt. Zion Family!
comment posted by Gloria Thorne 07 27 2012 on 07-27-2012
Thank God for the prayers. And Thank our church family for all the prayers for traveling Grace to Cinn.Ohio. Missed all of yall. Love my church family an my first lady an my pastor. Again Thanks Mt. zion.God Bless Mt.Zion
comment posted by Gloria Thorne 06 26 2012 on 06-26-2012
A Big shout out for my Granson.Happy Birthday baby from your memaw sis G.Thorne an the prayer Warriors. Praying that u have many more blessed Days
comment posted by Gloria Thorne 06 10 2012 on 06-10-2012
It is such a Blessing to have a wonderful church family like Mt.Zion. Come out to sunday school at 9.45am. An get some Jesus up in there.an some annointed words from our pastor Rev. King.an some Good singing from our own first lady Sis. King.
comment posted by Gloria Thorne 05 30 12 on 05-30-2012
I Thank u God for Mt.Zion I thank u for our annointed pastor. U lord spoke threw our pastor in Detroit Tx.we gove u all thr Glory an all the praises.pastor king u showed out. Cant nobody do us like the lord.
comment posted by Gloria Thorne 05 21 2012 on 05-21-2012
I love my church Family.This is another day that the lord has made.we will give him all the Glory an praises. Live u First lady Sis king. An love u my pastor king.
comment posted by Sis Evelyn Woods on 05-20-2012
I thank God for the fellowship on Sat. at the Relay For Life Cancer survival Dinner, it was awesome. Sis Joann Perkins did great one of our faithful members,way to go Sis Perkins
comment posted by Sis Evelyn Woods on 05-20-2012
We at Mt. Zion welcome Sis Caralina Sanders as our newest member.we will continue to pray and assist her in whatever she needs. Thank You Father
comment posted by Gloria Thorne 04 30 2012 on 04-30-2012
I really love my church.God sent me to the rigjht house. Love the word. Love our fitst lady.and God sent mt.zion a very annoited pastory.we are to Blessed to be Stressed.we give God all the praises an Glory
comment posted by Gloria Thorne 04 30 2012 on 04-30-2012
I really love my church an my church family.especially the word that God sends our anointed pastor.we are to Blessed to Be Stress.may God get all the Glory.
comment posted by Mary Brown on 04-22-2012
I enjoy coming to Mt Zion Baptist Church every Sunday to get my praise on with the lord.It is so refreshing to know that it is a place where God lives and being praised.It is a blessing to be able to rejoice in the lord and enjoy the spirit of the lord.
comment posted by Sis Evelyn Woods on 12-18-2011
A Big Welcome To Our New Member Sis Sanders We Love You Dearly.
comment posted by Joyce Ann ( Daughter of Sis. Joann Perkins) on 12-07-2011
I count it a blessing; a joy and a privilege to know that my Mother is in such great care and guidance with the Shepherding and Leadership of Pastor King and his Blessed Helpmate Sis. King. As children; and as imperfect beings we worry we worry too about our parents. All praise and honor to God; I know my Mom is great hands with Pastor King; Sis. King and the Mt. Zion Church Warriors. Please continue to pray for the Perkins/Beamon Family for strength and peace. God Bless all of you; my Brothers and Sisters in Christ. I sincerely look forward to seeing you soon! Actually, I can\'t hardly wait to hear another great sermon from Pastor King!
comment posted by Pastor Johnnie Bradley on 11-04-2011
Awesome website.... I have truly been blessed by this site and the friendship of Dr. Kenneth King. Be blessed my brother! Thanks for all your encouragement...
comment posted by Sis Evelyn Woods on 10-10-2011
We at Mt Zion would like to welcome Sis Victoria Keys as a new member of our wonderful church.
comment posted by Peggy McClellan on 07-11-2011
This is such a blessing to see you and the members continuing to prosper. God Bless all your efforts. From your Sister and your member!!!
comment posted by Sis Evelyn Woods on 06-28-2011
I love Mt. Zion Church, come share with us praising the Lord. We would love to break the word of GOD with you.Its the place to be.
comment posted by Sis Evelyn Woods on 06-27-2011
Im praying for Sis Joyce Austin, she is a wonderful soul and a special child of GOD. May GOD look down on her with favor.I LOVE YOU jOYCE.
comment posted by Sis Evelyn Woods on 06-13-2011
A big shout out of a Happy Birthday to Pastor King
comment posted by Sis Andrea King on 03-25-2011
Praise God! I love our church, our website and our Facebook page. I thank each and everyone of you that has helped in any and ever way. The Lord truly has His hands on us! Praise God. Praise God!! Thank you Jesus. I ask that we continue to grow stronger in the Lord. Continue to love one another. Continue to encourage one another. God Bless. AMEN
comment posted by Sis Evelyn Woods on 03-24-2011
God is letting us all know that hes not far away.Mt. Zion is an awesome place to worship, come and join in the celebration.be on board when he returns.Praise the lord.
comment posted by Teweni Lock on 03-21-2011
I had a wonderful time all yesterday at Mt Zion. Sunday School was very enlightening, 11:00 Service was energetic, and 3:30 Service was awesome. There was no better way to praise the Lord. Loved it. I am so glad I have a way now to express the way I feel about this Church and the members.
comment posted by Evelyn Woods on 03-05-2011
I love my church,all of my church family.Pastor King is truly a man of GOD.The best teacher there ever was.Weare blessed to have him.
comment posted by Sis Evelyn Woods on 03-04-2011
I am so pleased to be back home.Under the great teachings of Pastor kWKing.I have grown in the word also my faith,thanks to the LORD and my pastor.GOD BLESS OUR CHURCH.
comment posted by Bro. Raqymond Garrison, on 03-03-2011
Our site is very nice nd is growing. I\'m proud to be apart. God Bess all of us.......
comment posted by LaWanda Arterberry First Missionary Baptist Church on 02-20-2011
Praise God for this website, it was helpful in many ways. May God continue to bless Mt. Zion Baptist Church.
comment posted by JUANITA MOORE HUGHES on 02-01-2011
comment posted by Alexis and Bridett Goree on 01-29-2011
Mount Zion Baptist Church is the best. There you are tought to live, love, and laugh. Most of all the music is so wonderful and the saints are so welcoming.
comment posted by Andrea King on 01-25-2011
I LOVE Mt Zion Baptist Church. The members are friendly and kind. There is a kind spirit within the church and the church people. It is a blessing to serve the Lord at at Mt. Zion Baptist Church.